SAAS Grocery

Ecommerce Software Developed for Grocery Stores

✔ Future-Proof ✔ Quick to Market ✔ Efficient ✔ Scalable ✔ Customized Customer Experience ✔ IT Department Optional

State-of-the-Art Grocery-Focused Architecture

Constant changes in the traditional grocery market mean that customers need a solution that can rapidly adapt to their new requirements. Traditional ecommerce architectures often fail to keep pace with those new demands. SAAS Grocery is built on a State-of-the-Art Microservices Architecture that delivers future-proof technology by providing the speed and agility your grocery business needs to deliver a superior online customer experience.

+ Time to Market
Our efficient microservices architecture makes your deployment effort straightforward — our customers deploy in record time — and new features go live quickly and easily.

+ Extensible out of the box
Microservices greatly simplify extension since integration points are clearly defined. The platform was built from the ground up to support ‘headless’ operation, meaning you can even build a completely custom front end.

+ Delivers timely and market leading features
Leveraging the latest technology the SAAS Grocery platform delivers new features quickly and efficiently.

+ Agility is in our DNA
For example, Responsive Design automatically adapts to any device and any screen size.

+ Built-in fault tolerance, failover, backup and massive scalability
No more worries about outgrowing the platform.


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SAAS Grocery ecommerce software puts you in control of your customer, and your profits. Set up online ordering and delivery quickly with minimal investment using our pre-configured, responsive web app, or take more control and build a customized user experience with our Headless Commerce APIs. If you need help along the way our deep ecommerce and online grocery experience will be there to guide you.

Made for Groceries

Fast and easy online shopping with ordering by weight, deposit handling, service counters plus many other grocery-specific functions.

Keep Control

Run your own online grocery business and maintain control of your customers, brand, products & pricing.

Algorithmic Wave Picking

Efficient in-store pick, pack and ship processes are critical for profitability. SAAS Grocery’s unique algorithm driven wave picking will boost your picking performance and margin!

Customer Success

Your success is assured by our expert guidance from start to finish through our Customer Success Program.

Fast Go-Live

Get online quickly with our pre-configured online shop, or easily build your own user interfaces with our SaaS Headless Commerce APIs.

Marketing Toolbox

We provide the tools you need for online success including SEO, dynamic management of products and marketing web content, newsletters, loyalty programs, voucher generator, and more.

Logistics Optimization

Set delivery fees and let customers choose delivery times according to your time windows. Our delivery module will keep you on time, efficient and profitable.

Headless Commerce

Future-proof your online business with continuous development and deployment using state-of-the-art IT architecture with cloud-based microservices.

Cloud IT

Secure, scalable, high performance. Get back in the driver seat; focus on customers and features and leave IT worries in the rear view mirror. Enable your business!

Any Device, Anywhere

Computers, tablets or smartphones, our pre-configured online web app will display perfectly. No additional downloaded app needed!

Integrated Payment

Protect your margins with our efficient integrated payment processes selected specifically for grocery stores.


Grow your brand and online grocery business with SAAS Grocery software and know-how – your success is the only way we grow!


SAAS Grocery allows agile development and continuous deployment from our true cloud-native, multi-tenancy platform using the latest API technologies and headless ecommerce. Business logic runs on JAVA microservices. Storefronts are either Angular-based pre-configured single page web app, which minimizes cost and guarantees rocket fast go-to-market with its built in grocery-specific features, or retailers can operate the microservices as headless commerce APIs allowing the development of virtually any user interface type. Our platform has the flexibility to integrate more individual web apps, native mobile apps, voice commerce solutions or anything else the IT future might bring. Having microservices in the cloud releases IT from infrastructure concerns and brings agility back to sales and marketing. Issues around performance, scaling or peaks become history. Whether you run a single grocery store or a large supermarket chain - SAAS Grocery architecture can handle it. It's time to forget about system operations issues and focus on your business and your customers! Take advantage of the many years of online ecommerce experience that tailor-made SAAS Grocery to fit the needs of the grocery business with an Online-Shop and Back-Office that are rich with unique, industry-specific features.


  • Microservice architecture in a fail-safe, cloud-based ecosystem based on SAP Cloud Platform (SCP)
  • Responsive single-page web app
  • Ordering and billing by piece, weight or a mix of both
  • Product-specific packaging and cutting options
  • Automatic calculation of base price
  • Fault-tolerant product search with auto-suggest and after-search-filtering
  • Payment integration with online credit and address check for fraud protection with smart exception handling
  • Product-specific quick shopping, multi-level cross-selling, smart shopping list and repeating order
  • Delivery at desired time-slot and dynamic calculation of delivery fee


  • Product information management (PIM) optimized for grocery retail
  • Integrated content management system (CMS) for marketing web content
  • Management of delivery times and areas by ZIP / postal code
  • Built-in disruptive Wave Picking algorithm with picking and packing dashboard
  • Automatic order splitting and generation of picking and packing lists at definable cut-off times
  • Integration of grocer's ERP / POS system for prices, availabilities / stock levels and countries of origin
  • Export interface to route planning system including customer specific tolerances and unloading times
  • Reporting of key performance indicators (KPI) for groceries

Customer Success

Large or local supermarket chains, specialty grocery stores as well as online-only stores appreciate our feature-rich and easy-to-use software. Here are just a few examples of customers who are benefiting from SAAS Grocery ecommerce software.

  • Regional Ethnic Grocery Store

    A regional Kosher supermarket with branches in East London, UK uses SAAS Grocery’s in-store picking plus just-in-time sourcing from local specialty suppliers to dramatically improve operational efficiency. All locations leverage SAAS Grocery’s store-specific marketing capabilities to promote specialty groceries to their target customers. Customer went live in less than 6 months from the project’s start.

  • Online Only Grocery Store

    A local online supermarket for fresh food in Stuttgart, Germany has found SAAS Grocery to be an indispensable arm of their operations. Using our Hyper-Wave Picking process they exceeded best-in-class pick rates of 200 items per hour by over 100%!

  • Regional Organic Supermarket

    A regional organic supermarket with 10 branches in around Stuttgart, Germany relies on the technical know-how and expertise of SAAS AG in the online food business.


SAAS Grocery provides Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) specifically developed for the unique demands of grocery stores and supermarkets. Charges are based on your actual online sales, after a minimal up-front investment, so you can meet your customers' demands for online selling and delivery with only a small monthly payment and practically no investment risk. Contact us so we can show you how to START, GROW and RUN a Profitable Online Grocery Business!

Initial one-time setup cost for deploying the Grocery Commerce Cloud depend on the degree of customization and the integration of third-party systems.



SAAS Grocery is continuously expanding our developmental partner network. Contact us for details.